LDS Man Shares Beautiful Testimony of Life After Death at His Own Funeral

Thanks to Mormon Life Hackerfor making us aware of this video

If you were the last speaker at your own funeral, what would you say?

For Sam Gould, a 33-year-old father of three, the last message he shared with his friends and family was his beautiful testimony of the gospel and life after death. 

Gould, a Latter-day Saint and former UK Independence Party campaign co-ordinator for the 2016 Welsh Assembly election, was diagnosed with bowel cancer in April. 

With just a few months left to live, Gould decided he would be the final speaker at his funeral creating a video, which was shared on Facebook and has more than 50,000 views. 

"My final testimony is God lives; we are all His children," Gould says in the video. "He sent us here to earth to be tried and tested by the devil and we are all faced with these tests. We will be judged on what we do in this life."

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