LDS Missionaries Share What It's Like Preaching the Gospel in Rio

by | Aug. 15, 2016

Mormon Life

What is it like being a missionary in Brazil? Find out what these missionaries have to say.

Meeting people on the street is nothing new for Elder Muir. On this day, he and his companion, Elder Coca, are spending time with Amarildo, a homeless man.

“He was very receptive to the message and told us one day maybe he'll show up at the church,” Elder Muir said. “One day, he'd pass by there but we'll see."

The pair walks the streets of the Botafogo area of Rio and say sharing what's in their hearts isn't really that difficult—no matter the language. “It's something that's really part of the roots of the culture; just a love,” Elder Muir said. “A strong love for other people.”

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