LDS Olympians Who've Competed in the Winter Games

by | Feb. 09, 2018

Mormon Life

Did you know that Mormon Olympians have won three gold, ten silver, three bronze, and countless accolades for their countries as they compete to be the best at their sport? Over the years there have been some amazing LDS Olympic competitors. Take a tour through this rich history, and get to know them and their accomplishments below:

While this list is by no means complete, it does include many notable LDS Winter Olympians that have competed throughout history. Each is listed by name, with their country, event, and final rank noted. Let us know who we've missed!

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1948 Switzerland

Corey Engen: USA, Cross country (75th) and Nordic combined (26th). Engen and his brothers helped promote skiing in Utah and Idaho. 

1956 Italy

Marvin Melville: USA, Men’s downhill skiing, ranked AC T. Melville also coached Jean Saubert, who he converted and baptized. (She competed in 1964—see below.)

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1960 Squaw Valley, California

Barbara Day Lockhart: USA, Speed Skating, ranked 18th in the 1,500 metres. She later served on the General Relief Society Board. 

Fred Etcher: Canada, Men’s Ice Hockey (Silver). He still holds the record for the most points (9 goals) in a single Olympic tournament and is also tied for the record of the most assists in a single Olympic tournament (12 assists). 

Marvin Melville: USA, Men’s downhill skiing, ranked 22T. 

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