LDS Teen Hand-Picked for 'The Voice' Releases New Album

LDS Teen Asked to Be on 'The Voice'

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Not many people know that Madilyn Paige, top 20 finalist on The Voice, didn’t seek out the spotlight of performing live on national television, she was invited onto the show by Voice producers.

In fact, prior to the show, Paige suffered from intense stage fright.  While most singers dream about the opportunity to perform on TV in front of millions around the world, that possibility sounded more like a nightmare to Paige.

“While I was on The Voice, I especially had to rely on Heavenly Father, because I was completely out of my comfort zone. . . . I had no idea how I was going to make it through the experience and to this day I don’t know how I would have had I not had the Lord on my side helping me through it,” says Paige.

Even if lacking confidence in herself, Paige was passionate about her music and confident in the message she had to share.  Because of this, Paige pushed herself at a young age to share her striking voice and perform in music competitions long before her participation on The Voice.

It was through one such competition that the producers from The Voice discovered Madilyn.  The director of Utah’s Vocal Sport competition posted a video of Paige’s performance on YouTube, and the producers fell in love with her unique voice and musical intensity.

“Ironically, in that particular competition, I didn’t even place,” Paige says.  Yet, that initial failure opened a door that led to growth, success, and the discovery of an inner strength she didn’t know she possessed.

At just 16 years old—an age where most girls are struggling to define themselves—Paige suddenly found herself in an industry and competition where many people try to mold every aspect of your appearance and musical expression.  Producers, costume designers, and other contestants tried to give suggestions of what Paige should wear, how she should act, what she should sing, and who she should be.

Amidst all of this pressure, Paige decided to just be herself and listen to the only source of guidance and approval that truly counts, her Heavenly Father.

“I definitely had to set my boundaries,” Paige says. “I try to always remember that I am a daughter of God, and that helps guide my decisions. I also make sure I remember who I am, where I come from, and that Heavenly Father has a purpose for me.”

And, that personal strength and new confidence allowed Paige to view her fellow competitors with more love and empathy.  “As the show went on, I was able to really accept other people for who they were despite what they believed in and what their values were, because I got to know them for them; so then [nothing else] mattered much.”

Paige’s strong faith and inner resolve have continued to guide and shape her music career.  Shortly after The Voice, Paige signed with Highway Records to continue writing and creating music that shares her message of self-worth and compassion.

On January 28, Paige released her first music video for the song “Irreplaceable”—a song she wrote to remind herself and all women they are beautiful, unique, and irreplaceable just as they are.

In sharing so much or herself and her experience through music, Paige strives to create songs that are not only relatable, but that inspire others to find the divinity and the power within them.

Paige’s favorite song from her self-titled debut album, "Undercover," speaks powerfully to our fear of isolation and the fact that, with God, we are never alone.  About this song, Paige says, “I was particularly passionate about it, because I felt like its message is so important today, and it had to be heard. It’s a message to people who are hiding their sadness and are afraid to ask for help. I want them to realize that they don’t have to go through the dark times alone.”

Just as Paige had her Heavenly Father as a source of strength, love, and solace in her struggles to define her own voice, she now shares that voice to remind others where they too can turn for peace and hope. 


Check out Madilyn Paige's debut album, now available at deseretbook.com.

This stunning debut album features songs notable for their raw emotion and beautiful soundscapes. Madilyn wrote or co-wrote every song on the album, drawin from her own struggles as a teenager and her heartfelt expressions of the joy she finds in life. The first track, "Irreplaceable," begins with aching introspection and soars to an assurance of self-worth; the folloring track, "Foolish Game," was written right after Madilyn left the TV show The Voice and gives insight into the inevitability of discouragement in life and the realization that you can rise above the games that people play.

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