LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (Mar. 22-28)

David Archuleta Home from his Mission

He's back! After two years of service in Chile, David Archuleta returned from his mission this week, as was announced by this video posted to his YouTube channel Monday:

We're so excited to have him stateside and hope to hear more from him in the coming weeks!

Stunning New Temple Pictures (+ giveaway!)

Robert A. Boyd released fifteen brand new, stunning pictures of LDS temples all over the world online this week--we'll just let some of our favorite images stand for themselves:


Rexburg, ID


Oakland, CA


Mt. Timpanogos, UT

If you loved these, head over to the full gallery to see more--don't forget to enter to win a free copy of of Boyd's new full-color art book, His Holy House, a $49.99 value. 

The Princess Bride & Mormons?


Movie still from imdb.com

Why do Mormons seem to love the Princess Bride? Is it the squeky-clean humor? The message of true love? The R-O-U-S-es? 

We set out to find out what it is about this movie that has made it part of Mormon culture--and here's what we found:

- The characters are quirky--like us! As a "peculiar people," sometimes we like the peculiar!
- The bad guys are bad, but not overly so. This is still very much a family movie.
- There are legitimate messages of love and loyalty to be found in the movie, from Inigo's devotion to avenging his father to the idea of finding "true love." 

These are just a few of our thoughts, though--head on over to the full post to read more and share your insight about why Mormons love The Princess Bride

Mormon Standard Time

14440This blog caused a huge stir this week, simply by asking this: why does it seem some Mormons are always late? We think there are any number of reasons for habitual tardiness to church events (we're talking sustained habits here), including leaders who enable the behavior by starting meetings late, children making it difficult to get out of the house on time, or, most critically, that tardiness reflects our priorities, and simply put, church isn't a priority for some people. 

These notions raised quite the debate about timeliness in general, including ideas that people everywhere are late all the time (not just Mormons), that showing up at all is more important than showing up on time (we agree!), and dozens of others. 

But most importantly, we just want you to consider punctuality in a different light--did it work?

12 Things Every LDS Parent Will Understand

If you're an LDS parent--or know one--this popluar gif list will have you rolling on the floor laughing. From leaving a child in primary for the first time to getting kids ready for church in the first place, this is definitely a must-read story. Check out these stills from a couple of our favorites:

When we see the Bishop’s wife get all 5 kids ready and on time to church:


Checking in on our kids in nursery without having them see us:


--> See the whole list

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