LDS Woman Helps Save Neighbor Who Delivered Baby Next to Mailbox

by | Feb. 13, 2017

Mormon Life

It's amazing that Candice Rieske and her husband were able to respond so quickly and so well to this critical and unusual situation.

Most of the time a knock at the door of your home means a salesperson or someone you're expecting has arrived. But a knock on the door turned an Orem home into a make-shift hospital.

Candice Rieske teaches piano lessons. She was waiting for a student Saturday morning when she heard a knock on the door. It wasn't a piano student.

"I opened the door and there's a lady standing there holding a baby that was newborn, covered in goop, had the placenta connected with the umbilical cord," she explained. "So I yelled back to my husband to call 911."

Lead image from KSL

Lead image from KSL

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