LDS Youth Answer "Why Can't I Date Until 16," "When Is It OK to Kiss" & Other Tough Dating Questions

Check out this great article from the New Era:

Ah, dating. That’s one topic everyone loves to talk about, right? We talked to lots of youth and even asked about dating on Facebook, to find out your questions or concerns. Ashley R. even posted on Facebook that boys “intimi-DATE” her. (Clever, Ashley.)

Here are the top questions you asked about dating, along with answers from other youth! So, have a look at what other teenagers are saying about dating.

Why can’t we date until we’re 16?

“The prophets say it’s best to not go on dates until we’re 16, and even then, to go on group dates. It’s for our own safety and protection, and we’re not really mature enough for dating until an older age.”

    Ashlynn H., 14, Texas, USA

“Maturity is a big factor. When we’re older, we better know how to speak to people and keep up a conversation.”

    Seth B., 18, Colorado, USA

“We are encouraged by prophets and apostles to wait until we’re older to date. The stress of breaking up when young can be traumatizing.”

    Tyson B., 13, Utah, USA

“It’s a Church standard. Waiting until we are older helps protect us from being tempted to do bad things.”

    Hannah H., 13, Alabama, USA

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