Lions and Tigers and Bedlamites, Oh My!

First things first, we can’t say enough about how wonderful April 2011 General Conference was this past weekend, we felt saved, sanctified and Holy Ghost filled! Now let’s get to Elder Jeffrey R. Holland! When Elder Holland made that hilarous remark about trying to hold Family Home Evening inspite of the bedlam in a house reigned by little "bedlamlites," he had us rolling (urban translation, rolling: laughing extremely hard). The word Bedlamites is definitely getting added to the Mormon dictionary, right next to Nephites and Lamanites.

Bedlamites will now be the beloved word used to reference rambunctious children; it will be the loving way Primary teachers refer to their unruly pupils. Sunbeams and Bedlamites will probably now be interchangeable. We can see the t-shirts that Desert Book will start selling; “My Bedlamite is cuter than your Bedlamite,” “Lions and Tigers and Bedlamites, Oh My!” “Todays’ Bedlamite’s are tomorrow’s Stripling Warriors.”

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