Minutes After Praying, Stranded Family Gets Rescued by LDS Pilot

by | Apr. 05, 2017

Mormon Life

LDS helicopter pilot Luke Bowman with the Utah Department of Public Safety was out looking for a lost kayaker and ended up saving a family of four instead, becoming an answer to the family's desperate prayers. “These guys were our angels,” the father of the family said. “Whether they recognized the hand of God moving them to us or not, it was beyond reasonable calculation for them to be where they were when they were.”

Two days after a family vacation went horribly wrong, a Colorado family that was stranded on a Utah river believes an unseen hand was at work in their survival.

The Vonesh family had taken a vacation to raft along the Escalante River, a place the family called their “happy place.” But an unforeseen hazard, a wild stretch of weather, pinned and flipped one of the rafts the family was on.

“It was pretty terrifying,” Jessie Vonesh said. “Everything just happened so fast.”

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