Missionary in Denmark Uses Graffiti to Spread the Gospel

by | Jul. 06, 2015


You may have heard of the missionary who spray painted pictures of the temple to help spread the word, but another Elder has taken that idea a step further. Elder Eaves, who is serving in Denmark, explained his idea in a letter sent to his parents:

"In the park by the soccer stadium here in Skive there are a series of walls made for people to come and do graffiti legally, so I thought... why not take advantage of the free advertisement opportunity? So my companion and I went and bought some spray paint, I got in my artistic state of mind, and I got to work. While I painted, my companion talked to passersby about what I was painting, who we are, where we come from, and why we're here!"

Check out the finished product below:

Image title

Photo courtesy Deana LeGrand

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