Mormon Baby Names: Traditions & Trends

Maybe it’s because we’re kind of different to begin with that Mormons love oddball baby names. We’re taught from day one to be “in the world but not of the world” and that apparently applies to the way we name our kids as well. While this holds true to Mormons all over the U.S, you’ll find the most outlandish baby names in the intermountain West: Utah and southern Idaho in particular. I have met children named Wrangler, Smokey, Mersadie, Corporate (for a girl), Maverix, Jenedy, Silver, Xacian, Versailles, Rafter, and—I kid you not—R2.

But Mormons still want to fit in, hence the popularity of names that sound normal, but whose spellings are anything but: Payzlee, Djaryd, Jaymz, Myrical and Jrake.

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