Mormon Creates Beautiful General Conference Notes That Are Mind-Blowing and Inspiring

by | Oct. 04, 2017

Mormon Life

Many Mormons have their own unique ways of viewing conference. Some build epic LEGO creations, others jot down inspiration that looks more like a work of art than notes.

Take, for instance, these notes posted to Facebook by Julie Hansen Olson. Filled with words from apostles and Church leaders, Olson writes down reminders, gospel truths, and insights that also visually capture what was shared during conference.

In addition to creating these notes, Olson posts them online, encouraging others to print and use these beautiful creations to remind them of the feelings they had during conference.

But Olson isn't the only Latter-day Saint to experience conference in unique ways.

Over the past week, LDS Living reached out to all our followers to find out how people around the world experience conference. The responses showed the ways Mormons make conference meaningful in their own creative way, making it an experience personal to them and their family.

Check out just a few of the responses we received:

Our family builds King Benjamin's tent. We are going to conference this year and I am bringing material so we can set it up in the hotel room in order to watch the sessions we can't get into. The kids love it. They each have a basket complete with snacks, water, and conference activities or a notebook. Our tent is facing the prophet and we are ready to hear his words. Symbolic that our door is always facing the temple, we will follow Christ. – Chad Nickle
Every year, for fall conference, we go camping. We turn on a bunch of radios, in the campers and outside. Then we sit and listen to the general authorities speak in the woods with the beautiful fall colors and crisp air. It's my favorite way to listen to conference. – Danielle Jarmin Atwood
We have a bowl of M&Ms and a keyword—a word that should be mentioned often during conference. Every time the word is uttered, you get to eat an M&M. – Terrie Taylor
I go to the church building and watch it with the missionaries. I always take notes. There is a peace in the chapel with little to no distractions. It's dimly lit and we sing together. I love it and get so much out of each talk. – Lisa McGuire
We dump all our Legos on the family room floor and build while we listen. On Sunday morning we have crepes with Nutella and strawberries for breakfast, then ham, mushroom, and cheese crepes for lunch. Our favorite weekends of the year! – Michelle Lehnardt

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On Saturday our family goes waterskiing between sessions and listens to the other sessions on the boat. Nothing better than being in God’s creations while hearing his prophets! – Paige Henrie Thomas
Snacks and pjs. I also like to pull it up online and watch the American Sign Language interpreter along with the TV – @lesleybuns
For at least one of the sessions, I love to listen to GC on the radio while I take a drive! I go up into the mountains and get to look around and see all of the beauty as I listen to the word of the Lord. –  @alexyslife
Our family makes cinnamon rolls! We often take a plate to friends or neighbors, explaining that we hope they will enjoy them while listening to conference. I started this tradition when my children were little, and even though none of them live at home, I still get asked every conference which day we will be making cinnamon rolls! – @shandy.shannon.
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