Mormon Movie Guy Review: Is "Captain Underpants" a Good Family Flick? (+ Gospel Messages It Teaches)

by | Jun. 28, 2017

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Note: I give a letter grade for artistry; this is not necessarily a moral endorsement of the film. I outline content in as much detail as I can to help families make their own decisions. I include Gospel discussion points in case parents or others want to use cinema as a launching pad to share eternal principles.


Two boys hypnotize their surly principal into acting like a made-up superhero. Based on the popular book series.


For its first 20 minutes, Captain Underpants is exceptional. High-spirited and surprisingly witty, the film brilliantly captures and spoofs elementary school life. The setup is brilliant and the relationships are well-realized. Once the titular Captain Underpants makes his first appearance, the movie takes a slight dip in quality as an overreliance on superhero clichés, hyper storytelling, and potty humor sets in. To be clear, it’s still funny and continues to have marvelous moments, but a tad of the sheen is lost. No matter, kids will love it (mine did) adults will enjoy it (I did), and it’s a fine way to beat the summer heat.


Captain Underpants is rated PG. There are jokes about diarrhea, urination, and “poopy pants.” A grown man is seen in nothing but underwear and a cape (his appearance is comical and not at all sexualized). There is an abundance of slapstick humor and comical violence. There is a misuse of God’s name. A boy tells his friend that “like-liking” someone usually doesn’t last after marriage.


Deception doesn’t last and the truth always comes out (see Luke 12:3). Often the cruelest people need kindness the most (see Matthew 5:44-45). Friendship can help you to endure anything.

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