On "Ellen," LDS Daddy-Daughter Duo Charms Ellen, Sings "Tomorrow"

Claire Ryann Crosby charmed Ellen once again when she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, telling all about her new baby sister. Then, Claire and her dad Dave performed "Tomorrow" from Annie.

When asked whether or not Claire thought her new sister would be musical, she said, "Yeah, because I've sung her lots of lullabies and songs, and I sing my 'sad' song to her when she feels sad."

"How can she not just love you," Ellen gushed, before surprising the Crosbys with a new gift.

This was not Claire's first appearance on Ellen. She's appeared on the show singing "A Whole New World," "You've Got a Friend," and other classics, not to mention Ellen has shared many of Claire's videos, including her #LighttheWorld video this Christmas.

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