Powerful Insights into Prayer from the Prophets & Apostles

by | May 05, 2016

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In celebration of National Prayer Day, here is a collection of powerful thoughts and principles shared by our beloved prophets and apostles.

A statue of George Washington in a kneeling position, head bowed with hands clasped together in solemn prayer, once inspired LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson.

"He is depicted not astride a charging horse nor overlooking a battlefield of glory, but kneeling in humble prayer, calling upon the God of heaven for divine help. To gaze upon the statue prompts the mind to remember the oft-heard expression, 'A man never stands taller than when upon his knees,'" President Monson said in his April 1978 general conference talk, "The Prayer of Faith."

"Men and women of integrity, character and purpose have ever recognized a power higher than themselves and have sought through prayer to be guided by that power," he said. "Such has it ever been. So shall it ever be."

In celebration of National Prayer Day on Thursday, May 5, here is a collection of thoughts and principles shared by leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the topic of prayer.

The Lifeline

In April 2002, President James E. Faust, then the second counselor in the First Presidency, described prayer as a lifeline.

"When God placed man on the earth, prayer became the lifeline between mankind and God," President Faust said. "Through all generations … prayer has filled a very important human need. Each of us has problems that we cannot solve and weaknesses that we cannot conquer without reaching out through prayer to a higher source of strength. That source is the God of heaven to whom we pray in the name of Jesus Christ. As we pray we should think of our Father in Heaven as possessing all knowledge, understanding, love and compassion."

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