Prepare for General Conference with this Fun Scavenger Hunt

by | Sep. 27, 2019

FunLesson Helps

  1. "Seeking Knowledge by the Spirit": Mosiah 18:8-10
  2. "Careful versus Casual": Happiness
  3. "Where Will This Lead?": Squirrel and an Irish setter
  4. "A Home Where the Spirit of the Lord Dwells": President Henry B. Erying
  5. "Christ: The Light that Shines in Darkness": The Salt Lake City Temple exterior lights had not turned on.
  6. "The Immediate Goodness of God": Immediate
  7. "The Eye of Faith": Elder Neil L. Anderson
  8. "Just as He Did": Bishop W. Christopher Waddell
  9. "Cleansed by Repentance": Joy
  10. "Preparing for the Lord's Return": Cards they had prepared with names of their ancestors.
  11. "Exercising Our Spiritual Muscles": Elder Villar's missionary brother had him come and work with him and his companion for the day. They did not do any sunbathing.
  12. "Great Love for Our Father's Children": "Otto, that's not good enough; you ought to be a member of the Church. This is the Lord's Church."
  13. "Good Shepherd, Lamb of God": Elder Gong says he worries about missing or losing a sheep.
  14. "Build a Fortress of Spirituality and Protection": Elder Ronald A. Rasband
  15. "Hearing His Voice": A spiritual death zone is a faithless place that deprives us of the spiritual strength we need. Elder David P. Homer adapted the term from what mountain climbers refer to as the "death zone"—altitudes above 8,000 meters where there is not enough oxygen to sustain life.
  16. "Feasting upon the Words of Christ": "One Sunday, she felt she should go to church. She followed the prompting. While she sat on the front row and waited for the sacrament service to begin, a 4-year-old boy stood in front of her and looked at her. She greeted him with a smile. The little boy left her presence abruptly and walked back to his own seat, which was on the other side of the row where my mother was seated. This little boy picked up something from his seat and came back and handed my mother a hymnbook and walked back to his seat. My mother noticed a hymnbook was placed on every other chair in the chapel. She could have easily picked one up from the chair next to her. However, she was very impressed with the boy’s innocent act of kindness, which he had learned in his home and at church. It was a tender moment for her. She had a strong impression that God was inviting her to come and follow the Savior. She felt she should be baptized."
  17. "Closing Remarks": 8
  18. "Come, Follow Me": "Where is my family?"
  19. "The Atonement of Jesus Christ": The law of gravity is like the law of justice, which is exacting and unforgiving. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is like a spiritual parachute that is unleashed by our faith and can enable us to land spiritually unharmed.
  20. "We Can Do Better and Be Better": Repentance. "The prefix meta- means "change." the suffix-noeo is related to a Greek word that means "mind," "knowledge," "spirit," and "breath
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