Professor Says He "Can't Manage to Disbelieve" in the Book of Mormon

Professor Daniel C. Peterson examines many arguments against the Book of Mormon and why he still believes in Joseph Smith and this holy scripture. "I’ve said sometimes that I just don’t have the faith to disbelieve Joseph Smith’s story; I just can’t get there; I can’t do it.”

Having considered for many years the standard arguments against the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, Daniel C. Peterson says he “can’t manage to disbelieve.”

Brother Peterson, a professor of Islamic studies and Arabic at BYU, is a longtime defender of the Church in his published writing and public speeches, most recently as founding editor-in-chief of the online Interpreter: a Journal of Mormon Scripture. He was the concluding speaker at the annual FairMormon Conference on Aug. 5.

“My argument would be that all of the counter-explanations of the Book of Mormon that I’ve looked at — and I think I’ve looked at all of them — run into walls,” he said.

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