Resistance Builds Spiritual Strength

by | Jul. 07, 2014

Makes You Think

So why does a person lift weights? Why does a person take bike rides? Why do some choose to attack steep hills?

It is because they seek greater physical strength and they recognize the personal benefits of strong legs and strong arms. After all, legs are the primary “vehicle” that accommodate human mobility, and strong arms and legs allow a person to lift and carry heavy loads. Humans benefit by increasing or maintaining good leg and arm strength, and this happens only when a person continues physical activity in the face of resistance.

Isn’t it ironic, however, that many humans seek spiritual strength and fortitude — they want to know God and his son, Jesus Christ, better, and to know Christ’s gospel is true; they want greater faith, and eternal life — but they are not too keen on getting on the bike and building spiritual muscle. They prefer to avoid resistance in their quest for salvation.

The reality is that just as we need resistance to build physical and emotional strength, we need resistance to build spiritual strength.

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