Anime Series Depicts Salt Lake Temple as "Home of the Gods"

by | Aug. 07, 2017

Mormon Life

Thanks to LDS Daily for making us aware of this story.

The Salt Lake Temple has been depicted in novels, TV series, video games, comic books, and movies. And now this iconic temple has made an appearance in Japanese anime. 

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Restaurant to Another World, an anime series where a Tokyo restaurant transports to a world of dragons, elves, and other mythical creatures, depicted the Salt Lake Temple as the "home of the gods."

The temple is highlighted in episode five after a half-elf, half-human princess struggling to find her place in her world is faced with the decision to leave her world behind and live in the service of the gods or find another path.

Though its appearance was brief, it's interesting the temple was featured as a fictional sacred place when it is also a real-life place of holiness. 

Lead image screenshot from YouTube
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