See a Picture of L.A. Firefighters Saving Pictures of Christ from Burning LDS Building as Told in Conference

When the Provo Tabernacle burned to the ground, many shared the story of a picture of Christ that was miraculously salvaged from the wreckage.

When most of the building was reduced to ashes, this picture survived and the image of Christ in its center remained untouched.

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Image from KSL

During the Saturday morning session of April 2017 general conference, Elder Mark A. Bragg told the story of L.A. firefighters who worked to save sacred artifacts from a burning LDS chapel. Once they learned that they did not need to save any relics or sacrament cups in the chapel, they worked to save all the art within the building.

Recently, Cory Hansen shared a picture from this event on Twitter:

Lead image from Twitter
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