Sister Oscarson Shares 1 Important Resource to Help Missionaries Handle Stress

There are so many wonderful changes that come with life as a full-time missionary—the chance to become exposed to new people and places, the chance to work with companions to further the gospel, and the chance to learn more about the Church and scriptures. 

But while each of those changes are good, each of them can cause stress.

Challenges in adjusting to missionary life are real and need to be acknowledged, said Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson as she spoke to new MTC presidents and visitors’ center directors January 11 about the resource booklet Adjusting to Missionary Life. . . . 

“They have righteous desires to serve the Lord and they have strong testimonies. But they’re also just like most of us and will at times experience challenges and struggles—especially in the first few weeks and months of their missions as they adjust to missionary life.”

She said missionaries experience major changes in their lives. “They are expected to step out of their comfort zones, talk to complete strangers, and learn to live with a companion they didn’t choose—24 hours a day, seven days a week. They will experience rejection and at times feel discouraged. With these changes in their lives, there will almost always be some stress.”

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