Site allows members to share talents to build the Church

by | Feb. 17, 2011

Everything Else

As Church membership grows, so do opportunities to serve in the Lord’s vineyard. And while countless opportunities exist within wards, stakes, and local communities, a new corner of the vineyard is opening online.

Helping in the Vineyard—named for the analogy of the Lord’s kingdom used frequently in the scriptures and available at vineyard.lds.org—is a new Church website created to house the growing number of volunteer projects members of the Church can assist with. Projects include translation, FamilySearch indexing, photography, tagging videos and images, and editorial work and are available from any location with Internet access.

For example, a member might sign up to help translate a document for seminary and institute from one language to another. After moderators have reviewed the translations, it will be released to seminaries and institutes in the second language.
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