Slain LDS Chinese Student Had Remarkable Conversion Story

by | Nov. 08, 2017

Mormon Life

ChenWei Guo, a Chinese student who was killed in a carjacking last week, brought many to the gospel through his faith, optimism, and firm testimony. At his funeral, his friends and family shared memories of Guo, including the incredible miracles that led him to join the Church in a country where religious freedom is limited. 

As his mission companion, Murphy heard Guo share his conversion story on multiple occasions. As Murphy recalled, Guo was 15 years old when he had a party at his home. Coffee and tea were served. A friend of Guo’s who had recently completed a study abroad program in the United States was in attendance and declined to drink. In the Chinese culture, declining the offer of a drink is offensive to the host.

Guo approached his friend and asked why he was not drinking.

“The boy told him he respected him but said he couldn’t tell him why he wasn’t drinking,” Murphy said. Although he didn't know it at the time, Guo had met a member of the LDS faith, who was honoring the law not to speak about his religion.

Guo later obtained a copy of the Book of Mormon. He read the book and prayed about it — “because that’s what the scriptures told him to do,” according to Murphy — and knew he wanted to become a member of the LDS Church.

Guo, according to Murphy, looked up the nearest LDS Church building and discovered that it was in Hong Kong, approximately a 24-hour train ride from Beijing.

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