Steve Young, Dale Murphy embrace Mormon faith

Steve Young and Dale Murphy played different sports in different cities during their professional careers, but there’s a strong link between them.

Yes, they were both superstars defined by their tenures with one team for most of their careers, Young as a uniquely skilled, Hall-of-Fame quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers, Murphy as a powerful outfielder for the Atlanta Braves.

Something beyond athletic stardom connects these two friends, though. It has brought about mutual admiration for qualities beyond Young’s ability to elude a rush and throw a touchdown pass to Jerry Rice or Murphy’s home-run hitting clout.

They are both devout Mormons, and they were together again last week when they came to greet those touring the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Atlanta Temple in Sandy Springs, officially re-opened after two years of extensive refurbishments, and also see it themselves. The temple, whose original construction was completed in 1983, will be open through April 23 for visitors.
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