The 6 Best LDS Christmas Videos from 2015

Did you know that amidst the advertisers and big corporations who made the most successful ad campaigns of the season was the Church's Christmas video, which received almost 17.5 million views and hit #9 on the list of most viral holiday videos?

It's nice to see that amidst the commercialism the true message and meaning of Christmas are still getting through. But, in case you missed them, here are a few uplifting videos from this wonderful holiday season that bring the light and love of the Savior into our home.

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Church Releases Christmas Video: A Savior Is Born

Church Video Shows What the World Would Be Like Without a Savior

Touching Church Video Shows What It Would Be Like to Raise Jesus

Church Shares Hilarious Video About 4 Wise Men & Expired Gift Cards by Studio C

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Tabernacle Choir Releases Touching New Christmas Video Set in Prison

LDS Celebrities Surprise Fans on Doorsteps with Caroling

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