Our 10 Favorite Mormon Moments with Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, and Other Talk Show Hosts

2-Year-Old Titus Takes on Shaquille O'Neal on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

All-star Titus Ashby has been a YouTube sensation since he was 2 years old for his ability to make insane trick shots. That's why Jimmy Kimmel decided to pit Titus up against NBA all-star Shaquille O'Neal to see who would win in a shoot out.  

Just a year later, Titus took on and conquered both Bradley Cooper and Channing Tatum, inspiring this adorable video:

Cindy Gough Scared by Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Levine with a Tambourine in a Bathroom

Ellen DeGeneres loves doing "scares" on her show, which includes taking selected audience members to the "Riff-Raff Room" for some unexpected surprises.

But this was just fine for Church member Cindy Gough, who said on the show that she always wanted to be scared by Ellen. And her reaction when it finally happens is priceless.

Cindy Gough was among a group of 15 who were victims of this little prank by Ellen Degeneres and Maroon 5's lead singer Adam Levine.

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