The Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries for Mormons & Other Christians in the World

In 2014, the persecution of Christians worldwide reached a historic level, causing the Washington Post and other media outlets to speculate what 2015 would bring.

But the violence and persecution has only escalated. Over this past year, 2,400 churches were attacked or damaged, more than double the number in 2014, according to Religion News Service. On January 13, Open Doors declared 2015 as the “worst year in modern history for Christian persecution,” and they are not hopeful for what this next year might bring. 

Along with these statistics, Open Doors published their World Watch List, which analyzes religious persecution worldwide to produce a list of the most dangerous countries for Christians.

Open Doors World Watch List 2016

The 2016 World Watch List is live. Spread the word!Learn about the top 50 countries where Christians are currently persecuted for their faith:http://live.opendoorsusa.org/wwl/ Posted by Open Doors USA on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Though small in number, many of these countries contain Latter-day Saints who, along with other Christians worldwide, have experienced intense persecution and even death as a result of their beliefs. And though it's tragic to see the escalation of violence as the world has become more hostile to the message of the love and light of our Savior, it's encouraging to know that Christians throughout the world, Latter-day Saints included, are standing for the faith no matter what they might face.

Here are the top ten most dangerous countries for Christians in the world. To see the rest of the list and the persecution Christians face in these countries, click here.

  1. North Korea
  2. Iraq
  3. Eritrea
  4. Afghanistan
  5. Syria
  6. Pakistan
  7. Somalia
  8. Sudan
  9. Iran
  10. Libya
Lead image from Open Doors' World Wide Watchlist.

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