The Ultimate Donny Osmond Quiz

by | Nov. 01, 2016


Answer: Chuck Norris! The Osmonds took lessons from Norris to toughen up their dance moves! (We know the video is really bad quality, but it really is Donny and Chuck, duking it out! And of course, it's got that epic 70s feel!)

How many did you get right? How big of a fan are you?

Got all 11 right: Congratulations! You are an honorary Osmond! You're a hard core fan. You've seen Joseph at least 20 times and you grew up watching the Donny & Marie Show every day. You can even name all 7 of Donny's brothers.

Got 7-10 right: You've definitely earned your purple socks. You're very familiar with Donny's career, own most of his 60 albums, and have even been to a few of his concerts.

Got 4-6 right: You're a Donny fan, but by no means a Donny-aholic. You've heard his songs, but never thought to buy his albums.  

Got 1-3 right: Sorry! Looks like you need to brush up on your Donny trivia. 

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