The power of Pinterest

One LDS blogger wonders “To 'pinterest' or not to 'pinterest'”…Thoughts? I have yet to become truly acquainted with pinterest and can't decide if we should truly meet. I love being creative, but wonder if it is truly worth it. Is the whole pinterest thing is something I should proceed with meeting?! (Note: I feel as though I have succeeded with not letting the cyberworld consume the important parts of my day, and I would like to keep it that way...)”

If you hang around Facebook or blogs or Relief Society activities, you’ve likely heard the buzzword “Pinterest” lately. This “virtual pinboard” lets you find, “organize and share the things you love.” See my techie tip below for how to sign up, but even if you decide not to get your own account, I think, in the words of the above blogger, it is still something you should “proceed with meeting.”

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