The surprising connection two sister missionaries in Fiji discovered

by | May 21, 2021

It was an exciting discovery for two sister missionaries and their fathers—and one they never could have anticipated.

Earlier this year, Sister Lolene Tuiqali, a young sister missionary serving in the Fiji Suva Mission, made a video call to her father. While they talked, her father recognized his daughter’s mission companion, Sister Josephine St. John, as the daughter of his former mission companion. The fathers had served together decades ago in Fiji in 1987.

Today, the sister missionaries are in an area not far from where their fathers were companions. The sisters have met many of the people their dads once served. Additionally, since learning that their daughters are companions, both fathers keep in touch with each other weekly.

“It’s been fun seeing the miracles,” Sister Tuiqali told Newsroom. “They are not the exact same miracles that our fathers experienced, but miracles of our own. It has been very good for both of us, especially as companions.”

The sister missionaries’ mission president also testified that this experience is a reminder of God’s awareness of his children.

“The fact that they are companions is a testament that Heavenly Father is mindful in every detail of our lives. It’s gratifying to know our Father in Heaven provided an opportunity for the fathers to be companions and then 34 years later blessed them again by allowing their daughters to serve as missionary companions,” he said.

Read the full story on Newsroom (New Zealand).

Lead image: Mission companions Sister St. John (left) and Sister Tuiqali (right) in May 2021.
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