This Week's #LightTheWorld Videos You Don't Want to Miss

The Church's #LightTheWorld campaign continues to spark a flurry of creativity in the music video world, and we love the light and inspiration these videos share. Here are a few of our favorites from the past week. 

"Little Drummer Boy" - Kelsey Edwards and Reese Oliveira

Singers and actors Kelsey Edwards and Reese Oliveira teamed up for a delightful rendition of "The Little Drummer Boy." Musically accented with the hum of a saw and the hammering of nails as the two girls build a manger, this piece will move you to think about what you can personally give to Christ for Christmas this year. 

"Light Up the World" Original - Nik Day Studios

Nik Day Studios, a Utah-based music school, produced this original specifically for #LightTheWorld. This upbeat number features the musical talents of LDS artists Nik Day, Lauryn Judd, Noelle Bybee from The Voice, Jordan James, Layla Mackey, Sunny Whiting, Easton Christansen, Christian Affleck, and others. The energy and enthusiasm are sure to inspire an extra spring in your step as you go about your holiday endeavors. 

"Love Love Love" Original - Maddie Wilson 

As you watch Maddie Wilson's new original "Love Love Love," take a special listen to the beautiful message shared in the lyrics. Wilson testifies of the role of the Savior and the miracles He performed, pairing this testimony with images of a newborn baby cradled in his mother's arms. This touching music video will inspire you to reflect both on Jesus' humble beginnings and the light and potential that radiates in every child. 

"Joy to the World" - The Gardiner Sisters

Many families have traditions of singing Christmas carols around the tree on cozy winter evenings while snow falls outside. And while your family might not harmonize as well as the Gardiner Sisters, their new music video may just inspire you to hold a little one on your knee and hum along by the warmth of the fire while the temperature drops outside. 

"Silent Night" - Cedar Breaks Band

Participate in the stunning view of the lights on Temple Square and the quiet scene of the nativity on the still waters of the reflecting pond all from the warmth of home with Cedar Breaks Band's music video "Silent Night." The gentle strains of this new-age folk arrangement of this beautiful hymn will bring peace to your heart during all the holiday bustle. 

Love the latest music video from Nik Day Studios? Check out Nik Day's debut album Miracle

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The debut EP, Miracle, shares a message for those looking for hope and light in a world that sometimes feels bleak. Nik hopes that "people will feel a deeper connection with God when they listen to these new songs."

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