This Is the Gospel: Season 3 launches today!

by | Sep. 28, 2020

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Fans of the award-winning storytelling podcast This Is the Gospel rejoice: Season 3 is here!

The beautiful thing about "This Is the Gospel" is that it's real people telling their real experiences of trying to become better disciples of Christ. And hopefully we can all find ourselves somewhere in them. Just like us, the stories aren't perfect and we love that. People and our journeys to Christ are messy and complicated sometimes. But we hope that this podcast will share the truth that every story, whether it's epic or funny or quiet or even painful, can bear testimony of God's goodness and love if we let it. This season we're excited to have new storytellers and favorite storytellers share the mic around themes like "Consider the Lilies" and "A Good Courage" and "Fitting In." It's going to be awesome.

This Is the Gospel host KaRyn Lay

This Is the Gospel is now a two-time winner of the LDS Publishing & Media Association's award for Best Podcast, and season 3 kicks off September 28th with a great new episode. Here's a special 1-minute sneak peek of this week's episode. This is Miya, the Polynesian genealogist who found strength from an unexpected source when she faced challenges in trying to grow her family.

You can find the full episode on Apple Podcasts, or you can visit ldsliving.com/titg to listen to the full episode and find all of the audio, show notes transcripts from past episodes! 

Want more? Here are three fan-favorite episodes from seasons 1 and 2 to get you excited:

Episode 50: Sacred Ground

As a missionary in Chile, Brad Wilcox struggles to find the answers to his gospel questions until a transfer leads him to the light and hope he is looking for; Cody finds the spark of her testimony in a barren patch of desert after she prays for the impossible; An empty Primary room becomes sacred ground for Dave as he seeks to come back to the gospel he once knew.

Episode 37: Climbing the Mountain

Stacy Taniguchi grew up as a Buddhist in Hawaii and joined the Church so that he could marry his girlfriend who was a Latter-day Saint. He confesses that his testimony and knowledge of the gospel was minimal before a harrowing climb on Denali, the highest peak in North America, forced him to put his new faith to the test. 

Episode 16: A True Change of Heart

When Dusty first came in contact with anti-Mormon literature, he had no idea that his desire to refute it would eventually lead him to become a vehement persecutor of the Church he once loved. What does it take to come back from the precipice of lost faith? Dusty’s unique story of belief lost and found is a reminder that the Savior’s atonement reaches for us even in our seemingly unreachable places. 

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I am striving to have the spirit more in my daily life. This is a great way to do that! The stories really touch my heart and I am grateful for the uplifting messages in such a negative world.


I struggle with feeling God’s love. When I listen to this podcast I realize I have stories too. I’ve seen God’s hand in my life too! I’ve had inspiration, small miracles, tender mercies etc. It helps me to remember remember that the worth of souls is GREAT in the eyes of GOD. Thank you for this podcast!!!! It is pure joy to me!


I love this storytelling podcast! The personal stories, told by the story tellers themselves, are faith promoting and often bring me to tears (in a good way). I have recommended this podcast many times and will continue to do so. Keep them coming! I can’t wait for more!

—LTN Wendel

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