Top 10 Sports Analogies from General Authorities

MR says: Sports analogies--they're a great way to add a little relatability and excitement to any talk. Check out these ten great sports analogies shared by general authorities over the pulpit.

LDS General Authorities often use sports stories to illustrate their teachings. Sports writer Travis Mortensen ranks the top 10 sports analogies given over the pulpit: 

A Little League Miracle

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, October 2000 General Conference

Sport: Football

Story: A Little League football team was practicing in Inkom, Idaho one afternoon when suddenly, lightning struck the scene—and a player. When, amid the frenzy, the coaches finally realized A.J. Edwards was down, they rushed to his side and began performing CPR. Bryce Reynolds, only ordained an elder 39 days prior, cradled the player’s head in his hands and had an impression to give him a blessing. As he closed that blessing, Edwards drew his first renewed breath.

Quote: “Now, my young friends of both the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthood, not every prayer is answered so immediately, and not every priesthood declaration can command the renewal or the sustaining of life. Sometimes the will of God is otherwise. But young men, you will learn, if you have not already, that in frightening, even perilous moments, your faith and your priesthood will demand the very best of you and the best you can call down from heaven. You Aaronic Priesthood boys will not use your priesthood in exactly the same way an ordained elder uses the Melchizedek, but all priesthood bearers must be instruments in the hand of God, and to be so, you must, as Joshua said, “sanctify yourselves.” You must be ready and worthy to act.”

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