USA Today, ESPN Share Viral Video of Former NBA Star Danny Ainge Getting Trounced by RM Son

by | Jul. 25, 2017

Mormon Life

Former NBA star Danny Ainge had a little upset in his own home after his son trounced him with a slam dunk. 

In a variation of the #DriveByDunkChallenge where people pull up and get out of their cars to slam dunk random basketball hoops, Crew Ainge, who recently returned from his mission, managed to pull off a one-handed slam dunk against the general manager of the Boston Celtics. 

"Sure, back in his heyday, Ainge was a great athlete who went pro in both basketball and baseball. But at 58, he'll have to play stronger on the ball to stop his son," USA Today wrote about the video. 

Along with USA Today, ESPN, CBS Sports, and other news outlets have since shared the video of the merciless trouncing. 

According to ESPN, Crew Ainge's talents won't go to waste as he has committed to play basketball for Utah State University this fall. 

Lead image from Twitter
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