Video: 3 Things We Can Never Say Because of the Atonement

LDS scholar Truman G. Madsen took a trip to the Holy Lands to follow in Christ's footsteps. While there, he captured beautiful footage that accompanied his penetrating witness of Jesus Christ as Dr. Madsen toured the places He walked, the people He served, and most of all, the life He gave for all of us.

Here's a small clip from this incredible journey, which teaches us three phrases that we can never say because our Savior gave His life for us. Dr. Madsen says:

1) We can never say to Him you don't really understand what I am going through because He can always say, "Oh yes I do. I've been there."
2) We can never really say you don't care for me, because He can always say, "What more could I have done to demonstrate my care.
3) And we can never really say you don't love me, because in the actuation in his love for us, he was willing to go through all of it. 

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For more compelling and stirring insights from Truman G. Madsen, check out The Eternal Christ or Jesus of Nazareth. 

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