Video: Ann Romney on "How to Be a Freakin' Awesome Grandma"

See Ann Romney like you've never seen her before in this hilarious and entertaining video. As a grandma of 23, Ann Romney knows a thing or two about raising grandkids, and she's unafraid to share her knowledge and her crazy cool skills.

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In this heartfelt memoir, Ann Romney talks candidly about her journey with multiple sclerosis and shares details from her initial diagnosis in 1998, through the highs and lows of her treatment to the sources of faith that gave her strength and ultimately transformed her life and that of her family. Check it out at or learn more great family ideas, traditions, and recipes from Ann Romney with The Romney Family Table.

How to Be a Freakin' Awesome Grandma With Ann Romney

Ann Romney is a boss.Posted by IJ America on Thursday, October 15, 2015

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