Video: Why Victims of a Deadly Flood Created a "We Love Mormons" Sign

Many living in South Carolina in 2015 lost their homes, neighborhoods, livelihoods, and even family members during the catastrophic flooding caused by the “1,000-year-storm."

During this time when so many felt lost and forgotten, hundreds of LDS volunteers rose to the call, providing aid, rebuilding houses, and repairing damage caused by the flood. But, those who experienced their charity first hand say they felt something deeper: a light and love for the Savior that helped them find hope again.

After the clean-up efforts, Matthew Cox, a member of the Columbia ward, remembers looking through his photos. On one, he noticed a sign, and when he zoomed in close, he could read the words, "Thank you Mormons. We love the Mormons." Learn more about these kind acts and the reaction of the volunteers and missionaries in the video below.

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