Watch: BYU Vocal Point Visits Fan in the Hospital When She's Too Sick to Attend Their Concert

Recently, one of BYU Vocal Point's biggest fans, Helen Jamison, found herself stuck in the hospital after an emergency surgery and was unable to use her ticket to attend Vocal Point's concert. One of her family members messaged Vocal Point and explained the situation: Helen had recently torn her aorta and undergone emergency open-heart surgery. Following the surgery, she experienced two small strokes that left her barely conscious and partially paralyzed. 

Taking a shot in the dark, Helen's granddaughter asked if they might be able to come visit and bring their music with them. To the family's surprise, Vocal Point came. They surrounded Helen's bed, and she was able to keep her eyes open during their performance. Her granddaughter posted on Facebook: 

So, as many of you know, Grandy is a huge Vocal Point fan! She had tickets to their show last night but obviously, couldn’t attend. Because of this, I decided to message Vocal Point to explain what happened to her and ask if there was any way they could come sing to her. I really did not think they would respond but they did! And they came! And it was amazing! She kept her eyes open almost the entire time and I just know she knew what was going on and was enjoying it!! ❤️❤️❤️ 
Thank you so much to BYU Vocal Point for taking the time to make our day and make her feel so special!

Although Helen is still progressing slowly, the family is hopeful for her recovery.  An update from her son reads: 

Helen Jamison Update: Mom is making slow progress. She has woken up, but her stroke effects are pretty profound. She has dense right sided paralysis, but hasgood movement of her left hand and arm, and some movement of her left leg. She seems to hear and recognize us, and has appropriate blinks for 'yes' and 'no.' She is not in much pain. She required dialysis one time, and that seems to have kicked her kidneys back into gear, and they are working okay again. She has some blood loss anemia from the surgery, but that seems to be stable. We were delighted to see that she has started to smile again, although she has not been able to form words. She also has continued to improve her disposition. She has been pretty down, as one might imagine, but I think that #byuvocalpoint helped her a lot! If you haven't seen that video, you need to!
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