Watch: Bryce Harper Reads Touching Mother's Day Letter to His Mom on ESPN, Says Why He Makes the "I Love You" Sign When He Crosses Home Plate

Whenever LDS MLB player Bryce Harper crosses home plate, he always makes the universal "I love you" sign. But why he made this sign was a mystery, until recently.

In an ESPN video, Harper revealed that the "I love you" sign was for one of his biggest fans.

In the video, Harper reads a personal letter he wrote to his mother for Mother's Day. Little did Harper know his mother was in the next room listening to every word he said.

"Happy Mother’s Day to the best mother a son could ever ask for," Harper began as his mother watched, tears in her eyes. "I am truly blessed to have you as my mom. From the moment I was born and in the first days of my life where things were touch and go, your love immediately helped me overcome great obstacles."

Later in the letter, Harper revealed the truth that the "I love you sign" was not for Washington Nationals fans as formerly supposed, but for his mom. 

"I have to share my favorite memory of you and one that I’ve carried throughout life and into my career," Bryce says. "One day you dropped me off at Aunt Theresa’s and for some reason, I jumped out of the car very quickly. As I hurried away, I forgot to give you my regular kiss on the cheek. You yelled, ‘Bryce! Bryce!’ As I spun around, you flashed the universal sign for 'I love you.' I will never forget that day.

"So of course, every time I cross home plate after a home run, I make sure you know I love you, too."

Once Harper finishes the letter, his mother walks out of her room to surprise him with a big hug and kiss on the cheek as Harper's face flushes red. 

"Hey Mondo," she says, using Harper's nickname. "You're the best."

"I love you," Harper replies. 

Thanks to the Deseret News for the story idea

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