Watch: LDS Couple Creates "Glowing in the Dark" Cover with Glowing Paint

by | Aug. 31, 2017


Scott and Ryceejo Shattuck, an LDS couple, love a Capella so much their entire YouTube channel is dedicated to it.

In their newest video, the couple sings" Glowing in the Dark" by Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan and features former BYU Vocal Point member Adam Heimbigner beatboxing.

The music video was shot in Provo, just across the Provo City Center Temple. And, it was completely shot at night, in some cases at two to three a.m. to avoid cars.

The video also features cameos from the couples’ one-year-old son with glow-in-the-dark makeup.

“Putting the glow-in-the-dark makeup on our one-year-old proved to be difficult,” said the couple. “As she just wanted to wiggle around and would rub it in her eyes.”

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