Watch: Stake President Kidnapped by Mexican Cartel Shares Incredible Story of God's Power and Love

Bob Meek was staying at a hotel in Mexico on a business trip when the hotel room phone rang. Meek, who spoke Spanish from his days as an LDS missonary many years before, answered.

It was the hotel security. They were calling to inform him that the hotel was being taken over by a cartel. 

Meek was told to follow instructions exactly and they would try to get him out alive. If he didn't do as they said, he would probably be killed. They then asked for his cell phone number. 

Believing the caller and trusting that he was trying to help him out of a bad situation, Meek gave him his number. 

His cell phone promptly rang. It was the cartel. 

"Do what we say or we will kill you," they told him. 

Meek would remain on the speaker phone with the cartel representative for the next 18 hours. Everything he said was being monitored, and he knew that they had bugged his phone, so he couldn't send a text for help.

Meek began praying. 

In the following video from High Five Live, Meek describes the spiritual journey he underwent as he was subsequently kidnapped and held for ransom.

His amazing story will touch your heart, remind you of the power of prayer and following promptings, and give you new perspective on the miracle of the Atonement. 

Meek is truly an example of learning to "love your enemies, do good to them which hate you, bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you." 

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