What Do You Get When a Catholic and a Mormon Husband and Wife Make a Movie?

What happened when an LDS journalist got so curious about a movie he decided to interview the husband and wife who created it? He discovered quite a few interesting behind-the-scenes stories.

My family takes movie night religiously. We hit the candy aisle at Walmart, make more popcorn than we need and wrestle like WWE all-stars for the best viewing spots.

But the battle has just begun; we still have to select a movie. Between Mom, Dad, a teenage daughter and two younger sons, rallying around a single candidate is tougher than nominating a Republican for president. (Our riots aren’t too shabby, either.)

Recently I picked up a DVD I feared could be so controversial, my boys would threaten to boycott movie night completely. More candy for me, right?

The film was Once I Was a Beehive starring Paris Warner and Lisa Valentine Clark.

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You should have seen the looks on my boys’ faces when I read a snippet from the back of the DVD case about a Catholic teenage girl who loses her father to cancer, watches her mom marry a new guy, and is immediately roped into joining her new step-cousin at a weeklong summer camp for Mormon girls.

“Dad,” my 12-year-old said, “unless aliens invade that camp, I’m out.”

I reminded him it’s called “family movie night” and that the treat buffet would stay in front of the television, whether he did or not.

He conceded. “I’m in.”

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