The Surprising Things You'll Find When You Search "Mormon" on Popular Recipe Sites

Have you heard of “Mormon muffins”? Check out what I found when I looked for “Mormon” recipes on the web.

When I think of “Mormon” food, I have some pretty specific ideas about what I’m going to find: casseroles, jello, and of course, funeral potatoes (these dishes are especially familiar to Mormons in certain parts of the United States).

But it’s surprising what I found when I went to several of my favorite recipe sites and searched for the keyword “Mormon.”


Growing up, AllRecipes.com was the holy grail of recipe sites, so I had high hopes for “Mormon” recipes on here. But my search yielded only 3 results (total).

The Surprising Things You'll Find When You Search

Mormon Champagne

This recipe for a bubbly champagne substitute is indeed non-alcoholic. Because nothing says “Mormon” the same way that “mocktails” do.

Mormon Muffins

I wasn’t really sure what made a muffin “Mormon,” but the recipe submitter assures that this “Mormon-style” bran muffin is how it’s done in Utah.

Mormon Scalloped Potatoes

This is exactly what I thought I’d find: an embodiment of funeral potatoes. It’s not precisely my style, but I hear there are a lot of ways you can do this dish and it still counts as “funeral potatoes.”


Coming in with a whopping four results, food.com offered a few more “Mormon” recipes:

Mormon Split Pea Soup

I can’t figure what makes this “Mormon.” The submitter said it’s “from an older ‘American Heritage’ cookbook,” so I guess that’s something?

Weight Watchers and Mormon-Friendly Tiramisu

I had high hopes for this recipe when I clicked on it, but it includes both “extra strong herbal mocha-flavored coffee” and “brandy flavoring.” A swing and a miss.

Mormon Muffins

Is this a thing? It must be, since it’s the only recipe I found twice. Apparently I’ve been missing out on the Mormon muffins during my time living in Utah.

Mormon Beans

This recipe name allegedly comes from the fact that it can be made from common food storage items. I’m okay with it being called “Mormon.”


I personally don’t use recipe.com, but it comes up in the top three results when you look for “recipes” on Google, so I thought I’d give it a chance. And, with low expectations, I was glad to find a result:

The Surprising Things You'll Find When You Search

Mormon Fish Chowder

The recipe itself came from Better Homes and Gardens, so I thought it was cool that the word “Mormon” appeared anywhere on such a well-known site. But the only thing they say about its heritage is “This historically Mormon chowder cooking is simple, hearty, and satisfying, reflecting Midwestern and Eastern cooking methods and tastes.”

Food Network

I saved the most disappointing for last. Food Network didn’t have any “Mormon Recipes,” though it did have a couple of articles that mention the Lion House Pantry, so I suppose that’s something.

Want more “Mormon Recipes”?

Check out LDS Living’s recipes—they’re the #1 Google site for “Mormon Recipes.” You’ll definitely find more than just casseroles, jello, and funeral potatoes, but also plenty of recipes for those, too!

And don't miss these fabulous recipe collections by Church members:

Sweets & Treats with Six Sisters' Stuff

The Surprising Things You'll Find When You Search

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Recipes from the Roof: The 100th Anniversary of the Hotel Utah and Joseph Smith Memorial Building Cookbook

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Lion House Bakery

The Surprising Things You'll Find When You Search

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The Romney Family Table: Sharing Home-Cooked Recipes and Family Traditions

The Surprising Things You'll Find When You Search

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Make It With a Cake Mix

The Surprising Things You'll Find When You Search

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