What Happens to People Who Never Heard about Christ?

by | Jul. 01, 2014

Makes You Think

I try not to be a creeper. Really, I do. And thankfully, with the advent of social media, I can creep safely from my own home without anyone knowing—so long as I don’t accidentally deepfave that Instagram picture from 108 weeks ago of that person I happen to be stalking. But this one day, at Mountain West Burrito in Provo, Utah, I could not help myself from shamelessly eavesdropping on these two tattooed dudes having an all-out discussion . . . about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

In my defense, it was totally riveting. And powerful. The evangelical, Protestant missionary on the left answered all of the other man’s questions with dazzlingly inspiring ideas and stories. 

But then the Green-T questioner asked a truly difficult question, and it stumped the missionary.

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