What the Prophet and Apostles Say About Their Wives

Susan Kae Robinson Bednar,

in the words of her husband, David A. Bednar

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Sister and Elder Bednar at BYU Women's Conference. Photo from BYUtv.org

"Purity and goodness are evident in her countenance."


-They met at BYU when their two FHE groups met to play football. David Bednar threw a long pass (he had been a quarterback in high school), and Susan was on the receiving end. He was impressed at her catch. But he didn’t know it was the only one she could ever remember catching.

-The Bednars have three sons.

-Sister Bednar has spoken on her own to church audiences; to read her remarks and learn more about her from her own telling, read “By Small and Simple Things.”  

From “In the Strength of the Lord,” his first conference talk as an Apostle:

My wife, Susan, is a virtuous woman and a righteous mother. You will quickly see that purity and goodness are evident in her countenance. I love her and appreciate her more than words can express. I thank her for the woman she is, for the lessons she has taught me, and for the love we share.

From “Marriage Is Essential to His Eternal Plan”:

Many years ago, Sister Bednar and I were busy trying to meet the countless competing demands of a young and energetic family—and of Church, career, and community responsibilities. One evening after the children were asleep, we talked at length about how effectively we were attending to all of our important priorities. We realized that we would not receive the promised blessings in eternity if we did not honor more fully the covenant we had made in mortality. We resolved together to do and to be better as a husband and a wife. That lesson learned so many years ago has made a tremendous difference in our marriage.

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Photo from lds.org

Mary Gaddie Cook,

In the words of her husband, Quentin L. Cook

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Photo: Sister and Elder Cook at a general conference. Photo from lds.org.

“It would be hard to find anybody in the whole world who is as good and righteous and bright as she is. . . . Marrying her was the best decision I have ever made.”


-Quentin L. Cook and Mary Gaddie were high school sweethearts. They served in student body positions together and debated together; in fact, in junior high, he was student body president and she was vice president. They have three children.

-In conference, when talking about various church assignments, Elder Cook says “we served,” indicating his unity with his wife.

From “Live by Faith and Not by Fear”:

My wife, Mary, has been the joy of my life. Her spiritual strength, righteous example, sense of humor, and loving support have blessed me throughout my life.

From “Elder Quentin L. Cook: A Willing Heart and Mind”:

“It would be hard to find anybody in the whole world who is as good and righteous and bright as she is. She has a wonderful sense of humor.” . . .

Elder Cook first became acquainted with Mary at a seventh-grade talent assembly. He remembers, “This little towheaded girl gets up and sings ‘On the Sunny Side of the Street.’ Even in junior high school she had a remarkably mature, deep voice. I was absolutely amazed. And that song could have been the theme for the rest of her life. She has a wonderfully bright, sunny disposition.” . . .

“We were friends long before we were anything else,” Elder Cook recalls. “I admired her before I fell in love with her, and marrying her was the best decision I have ever made.”

[Adds their daughter, Kathryn: “Dad was a perfect father,” she says. “I adore everything about him. But my mother is a saint.”]

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Photo fromMormon Channel

Katherine (Kathy) Jacob Christofferson,

in the words of her husband, D. Todd Christofferson


The Christoffersons and their children learn history by reenacting it. Photo from LDS.org.

"Those who know my Kathy have observed that I married much above myself, a conclusion I heartily agree with."

(From “I Know in Whom I Have Trusted”)


-Kathy met D. Todd Christofferson while they were studying at BYU. They met at the BYU stadium while they were both with other people; she enjoyed him, but was sad because she thought nothing would ever happen. He, however, looked her up in the student yearbook as soon as it came out. He arranged to take her on a date through a mutual friend—even though she wasn’t initially keen on a blind date.

-Sister Christofferson has been an aerobic dance instructor and instructor trainer, and also a volunteer art teacher to schools. Her daughter describes her as creative, real, and simply fun.

From “Elder D. Todd Christofferson: Prepared to Serve the Lord”:

I knew Kathy was good and wonderful when we were first married. I just didn’t know how deep her character and qualities and wisdom and goodness really were. I’ve been happily surprised as time has gone by how much better she is than I realized even then.

From “Elder D. Todd Christofferson: Member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the LDS Church”:

We have a wonderful relationship. . . . I remember when I served on active duty in the army we had only been married about a year. I was the only one married in my group. One of them said to me “weren't you afraid to get married?” I asked what's there to be afraid of? It never occurred to me to be afraid of it. To be with a companion such as I have that's so supportive and so wise, it's made all the difference for me. I'll give her tribute for making something of me.

From “Born Again”:

[Acknowledging his blessings.] At the pinnacle is my wife, Kathy, the maker of our home, the light of my life, a steady and wise companion, filled with spiritual intuition, good humor, goodwill, and charity. I love her beyond expression and hope to show it more convincingly in the days and years ahead.

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Photo from LDS.org

Kathy Sue Williams Andersen,

in the words of her husband, Neil L. Andersen


Neil L. Andersen and Kathy Williams on their wedding day in 1975. Photo from LDS.org

"She makes goodness look easy."

(From “'Whom the Lord Calls, the Lord Qualifies’”)


-Kathy met Neil L. Andersen while he was campaigning for student body office. She “thought he was the most remarkable man I had ever met, and that holds true to this day and forever.” Their first date was on her birthday. They have six children.

-Elder Andersen has called Kathy the “light of my life.”

From “Neil L. Andersen”

Once I married her, the standards in my life went way up—being totally consistent in prayer and scripture study, keeping the commandments with precision.  She has a pure and disciplined faith. . . .

Her influence upon me and our children is phenomenal. Kathy is absolute and uncompromising in her loyalty to the Lord and to me and the family.

From “Come Unto Him”

The Lord has blessed me in ways I could never repay. He allowed me to marry one of His angels here on earth. My wife, Kathy, is my light and example, a precious daughter of God, full of purity and innocence. I would be nothing without her. For much of my life, I have been trying to become what she thought I already was.

Melanie Twitchell Rasband,

in the words of her husband, Ronald A. Rasband

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Ronald A. Rasband and Melanie Twitchell on their wedding day in 1973 from LDS.org

"My wife has taken me like potter’s clay and molded me into something that really matters."

(from "Ronald A. Rasband")


-Melanie met Ronald A. Rasband at a Delta Phi Kappa fraternity event while at the University of Utah. Over time, their relationship blossomed from friendship to what Melanie called a “storybook, fairy-tale romance.” The two were married in the Salt Lake City temple on September 4, 1973. They have five children and 24 grandchildren. 

From"Ronald A. Rasband"

In large measure it’s her spiritual influence that has led to not only this beautiful and special calling but to everything that I’ve done spiritually. She’s kept me spiritually grounded.

Lesa Jean Higley Stevenson, 

in the words of her husband, Gary E. Stevenson

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Gary E. Steveson and his wife Lesa in Salt Lake City. Photo from Church News

"She is the sunshine in and of my life and a remarkable daughter of God."

(from "Plain and Precious Truths")


-Lesa met Gary E. Steveson at an Old Testament course at Utah State University.  "He was a lot of fun," she says. "He made me smile, he made me laugh. He was very kind, honest, a hard worker, and he had a strong testimony of the gospel." They were married in the Idaho Falls temple in April 1979. The couple has four sons. 

From"Plain and Precious Truths"

Hers is a life punctuated by selfless service and unconditional love of all. I will strive to remain worthy of the blessing of our eternal union.

Ruth Lybbert Renlund,

in the words of her husband, Dale G. Renlund

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Dale G. Renlund and his wife Ruth in Salt Lake City. Picture from LDS.org

"She’s my hero."

(from Dale G. Renlund)


-Ruth met Dale G. Renlund at their Valley View 1st Ward in Salt Lake City. Elder Renlund called himself a "horrible dater" and his attempt to ask Ruth to a date was met with a "no." But a few months later, Renlund asked again and the two began dating. The two were married in the Salt Lake City Temple on June 16, 1977. They have one daughter. 

From"Elder Dale G. Renlund: An Understanding Heart"

She was all in. When I called her, her life changed too.

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