What if Your Family Isn't Christmas-Card-Picture Perfect?

Did your family not all wear matching sweaters for your Christmas card this year? Well, here is a little insight from convicts in prison on what truly matters when it comes to family.

Here they come, the cards and newsletters, the family photos. Christmastime brings us news of loved ones, and gives us a chance to share our own. But what if your family isn’t wearing matching sweaters this year, or even matching expressions?

A few years ago I had occasion to chat with two men who had served time in prison. And it was eye-opening. Because the incarcerated have no access to actual money, other items take on the value of currency. A tiny packet of seasoning for a watery bowl of noodle soup was worth its weight in gold.

But what surprised me most was the value these convicts placed on letters and photos from home.

Lead image from Meridian Magazine.
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