When I Felt Like the Worst Mom Ever—God Disagreed

by | Oct. 14, 2017

Mormon Life

What a powerful reminder of how Heavenly Father sees us as His children. 

My youngest child has a shoe problem. 

Lest anyone should suppose this problem involves over-shining, let me explain. This boy’s shoe setback is that he cannot keep shoes around long enough to wear them out. I have provided a convenient shoe basket, 17 inches from the door, but this has not solved the problem. Not counting hand-me-downs, this one child has required more shoes than the other two, combined. Countless minutes are wasted each week looking for lost companions to flip-flops, just so we can make it to appointments on time. 

Losing shoes has almost become a talent, a family joke. If there’s a way to remove oneself from shoes, this child will find it.

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