When President Snow Called a Girl Back from the Dead: An Incredible Account of the Spirit World

“I entered a large hall. It was so long that I could not see the end of it. It was filled with people. As I went through the throng, the first person I recognized was my grandpa, H.P. Jensen, who was sitting in one end of the room, writing. He looked up, seemed surprised to see me and said: ‘Why! There is my granddaughter, Ella.’ He was very much pleased, greeted me and, as he continued with his writing, I passed on through the room and met a great many of my relatives and friends. It was like going along the crowded street of a large city where you meet many people, only a very few of whom you recognize. . . .
“Some inquired me about their friends and relatives on the earth. Among the number was my cousin. He asked me how the folks were getting along and said it grieved him to hear that some of the boys were using tobacco, liquor and many things that were injurious to them.
“This proved to me that the people in the other world know to a great extent what happens here on the earth.
“The people were all dressed in white or cream, excepting Uncle Hans Jensen, who had on his dark clothes and long rubber boots, the things he wore when he was drowned in the Snake River in Idaho.
“Everybody appeared to be perfectly happy. I was having a very pleasant visit with each one that I knew. Finally I reached the end of that long room. I opened a door and went into another room filled with children. They were all arranged in perfect order, the smallest ones first, then the larger ones, according to age and size, the largest ones in the back rows all around the room. They seemed to be convened in a sort of Primary or Sunday School presided over by Aunt Eliza R. Snow. There were hundreds of small children.

Returning to Mortality

“It was while I was standing listening to the children sing ‘Gladly Meeting, Kindly Greeting’ that I heard your father, President Lorenzo Snow, call me. He said: ‘Sister Ella, you must come back, as your mission is not yet finished here on earth.’ So I just spoke to Aunt Eliza R. Snow and told her I must go back.
“Returning through the large room, I told the people that I was going back to earth, but they seemed to want me to stay with them. I obeyed the call, though it was very much against my desire, as such a perfect peace and happiness prevailed there, no suffering, no sorrow. I was so taken up with all that I saw and heard. I did hate to leave that beautiful place.
“This has always been a source of comfort to me. I learned by this experience that we should not grieve too much for our departed loved ones and especially at the time they leave us. I think we should be just as calm and quiet as possible. . . .

Comforting Those Left Behind

Alphonzo H. Snow, now living in Salt Lake City, the writer’s brother, relates his experience as follows:
“My wife, Minnie, and I heard of Ella Jensen’s death and restoration to life and called at her home to see her. As we entered the room she said: ‘Oh! Come here, Alphonzo and Minnie, I have something to tell you. After my return to earth I told my parents of some of the remarkable experiences which I had while in the spirit world. But there was one experience that seemed very strange and I could not understand it.
“You know your little son, Alphie, has been in my Sunday School class in the First Ward. I have always loved him very much. While I was in Aunt Eliza R. Snow’s class of children in the spirit world, I recognized many children. But all of them had died excepting one, and this was little Alphie. I could not understand how he should be among them and still living. When I told this to mother, she said:  ‘Yes, Ella, little Alphie is dead, too. He died early this morning while you were so very sick. We knew you loved him and that it would be a shock to you, so we did not tell you about his death.’
“It was very consoling, indeed, to hear Ella tell of seeing our dear little boy and that he was very happy. She said it was not right for us to grieve and mourn so much for him and that he would be happier if we would not do so.”

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