When Sunday School Derails: 8 Tips to Get Back on Track

Your Gospel Doctrine lesson that began as a study of the Word of Wisdom quickly derails to a debate about whether “hot drinks” means coffee and tea, hot chocolate, or water without ice cubes.

Keeping lessons on track is not always easy. Trust me, as a middle-school teacher, I’m at the front lines of distraction. But with a few simple approaches, I’ve been able to keep my lessons on track. Since adult Sunday School classes are a different ball game, I spoke to Brad Wilcox to help fill in the blanks. Wilcox is a professor of education at Brigham Young University, an author and a popular CES speaker. He currently serves on the Sunday School General Board.

By following these simple approaches, you can help invite the spirit into your lessons and prevent your class from looking like the Sunday School class in BYU’s Divine Comedy parody.


1. Anticipate your learners’ needs

Brad Wilcox notes that sometimes learners don’t know what they need to ask.

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