Why I Am A Mormon Feminist…And Why I Won’t Tell You To Be One, Too

MR says: It takes a lot of courage to speak honestly and openly about your beliefs, especially when they might differ from those around you or other's expectations. But we all have felt or will feel isolated or misunderstood at some point in our experience within the Church. That's why we wanted to share this perspective, and ask that you not judge or criticize the honesty this author uses to express her feelings.

And, for all of those struggling with similar doubts, pressures, or concerns, we wanted to share this beautiful counsel from President Uchtdorf about how we can all find a way to say, "the gospel and the Church work for me wonderfully!"

I have a conundrum that is apparently quite common among members of this community. On the one hand, I am someone with pretty liberal/unorthodox views in a conservative church.

On the other hand, my professional life is populated with mostly non-Mormon progressives and I am conservative by comparison. I am too liberal for my church and too conservative for my job.

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My colleagues and work friends ask me quite frequently how I can stay in the LDS Church. The truth is that I do not really know. I do not have a rational explanation. I could talk about the sense of community, or the positive values, or my family’s roots in the faith.

But the truth is that none of those reasons quite capture why I stay. I stay for all the reasons I listed, and also because the Church is my church. I stay because leaving feels wrong for me.

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